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How To Deal With Divorce

Child custody
For many people, getting married is one of, if not the most important milestone in their life. Though this is a joyous occasion, many marriages unfortunately lead to divorce. In fact, first marriages typically end in divorce after approximately eight years. Marriages are more likely to be successful when both parties marry at an older age, have a higher education, and earn a reasonable income. Though many people do not want to imagine their marriage ever ending in divorce, it is important to be prepared should this ever happen. In this situation, finding the right divorce attorney or family law attorney is crucial. Divorce attorneys and personal family lawyers not only protect your rights, they can help you start a new life. What is family law? Family law is an area of law that specifically deals with family-re

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The Skinny on Personal Injury Compensation

Personal injury claims
Unintentional injury remains the third leading cause of death in the state of Alaska, while around 44 percent of the 8,991 hospitalizations in Alaska were due to slip, trip, or stumble injuries. Accidents such as slips and falls could qualify you for personal injury compensation if you are injured on the job.
Before you can qualify for compensation, you must first seek out a personal injury lawyer — someone who will defend you in court and help you understand how you are protected under the law — and then file a personal injury claim — a document stating when, where, and how your injury occurred.
What is personal injury compensation? Compensation is an amount of money an injured individual can claim from the defendant in court. Read more ...

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed By Your Divorce

Family law divorce attorney
Why do the tabloids focus so much on celebrity divorces? It seems like it only takes a few weeks for a marriage to be “rocky” and for one party to be “unhappy and walking on eggshells.” Of course, those infamous marriages measured by hours or days only serve to encourage tabloids, and to make high-profile marriages seem fake from beginning to end. And this way of thinking seems to have worked its way down to even the most average of marriages. It’s all too common for acquaintances of newly engaged couples to make bets on how long they think a marriage will last — if the engaged couple even makes it to the altar. There are always reasons why a marriage shouldn’t work, or isn’t expected to work. And it feels great for these couples, being the butt of the jokes one too many times, to tie the knot and

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ERISA Lawyers and the Law

Orlando wrongly termination
The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), or the ERISA Act is a federal law that establishes the absolute minimum standards for pension and health plans in the private industry in order to protect those individuals. It is also used to describe the full set of ERISA laws for employee benefit plans. ERISA lawyers can explain the federal guidelines that govern benefits and. Often times, a person is receiving benefits after being disabled. They will need an ERISA lawyer if their former employer attempts to stop covering their disability, claims they overpaid, or decreases the amount owed. ERISA laws require pension and health plans to provide participants with plan in

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Narrow Down Your Search for Employment Attorneys with These Tips

Truck accident attorneys
Would you be surprised to know that since the beginning of the Great Recession in 2008, employment attorneys have been busier than they have been in a long time? As reports, claims for employment discrimination from disabled workers have skyrocketed in the last few years. Unfortunately, disabled workers aren’t the only group affected by increasing employment discrimination. Pregnant women, homosexual Americans, other minority workers: all of these groups remain at great risk for employment discrimination simply because of who they are. It’s wrong, and if it’s happening to you, it may be time to seek out employment attorneys.
What Situations Warrant Hiring an Employment Lawyer? If you aren’t sure your situation warrants the help of an employment lawyer, ask yourself

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