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5 Questions to Ask Medical Malpractice Lawyers Before Deciding Which to Hire

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If you’ve been hurt in a medical proceeding, then a malpractice suit may be the best — or sometimes the only — way to get the compensation you need to continue living as normally as possible. But it can be a confusing process if you don’t have legal training, and you’ll want a good medical malpractice lawyer to guide you along the way. Here are five questions that you can ask prospective lawyers up front to make sure your case goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Do I Have a Strong Case?

    Before you ever decide to pursue legal action, take advantage of the consultations most medical malpractice lawyers offer and make sure they think you have a strong case. Don’t confuse this issue with a guarantee of whether or not you’ll end up winning; even lawyers at top

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5 Things You May Not Know About Worker’s Compensation

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If you or someone you know has gotten hurt at work, you may know the ins and outs of worker’s compensation. However, if you are lucky enough to never suffer an injury at work, you may be unaware of some of the information surrounding work injuries and worker’s compensation. Listed below are some facts you may not know about work-related injuries, as well as a few facts on what to do if youre hurt at work.

How much of the medical costs worker’s compensation pays for
One thing you may not know is the amount of medical costs covered by worker’s compensation. In fact, if your injury is proved to have occurred at work, worker’s compensation pays 100% of the medical costs. Typically, you have to see the doctor that is recommended to you by your work; however, in doing so, you will no

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Divorce in America What You Need to Know

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Divorce in the United States is an uncomfortable but not uncommon topic. Sadly, American marriages have a record of ending in divorce. Nearly half of all marriages in this country end in divorce. Everyday, more than 6,500 couples file for divorce. That’s one divorce every 13 seconds. There are a number of cited reasons for divorce — money troubles, employment issues, lack of compatibility, extramarital affairs, etc. — but recent surveys have suggested that a lack of communication is the top reason for divorce. Though most marriages occur relatively early in life (three-quarters of American women are married by age 30), they have an unfortunate tenancy of breaking apart.
When it comes to the actual divorce proceedings,

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