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If You Are Going Through a Divorce, You Need an Attorney

Divorce mediation galveston
If you get married, there’s a fair chance that you may get divorced at some point in your life. About 41% of all first marriages end in divorce, and if you are thinking that old adage about trying again if you don’t succeed the first time is true for marriage, it’s not. Second marriages fare much worse, with 60% of them ending in divorce. And if you think the third time will be the charm — it won’t. A whopping 73% of third marriages end in divorce. Maybe that’s because practice makes perfect.
Though no one gets married thinking they are going to go through the divorce process at some point, there are some things that are likely to cause a divorce. Among the top reasons for divorce are communication problems, infidelity, financial problems, abuse and loss of interest. Those all make sense, but

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Fighting For Your Rights After the D Word, Divorce

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Any legal case or law dispute can be a stressful and confusing process. Legal consultation is often needed to better advice defendants of their rights. There are many different types of law, which also means that there are many types of attorneys. A particularly stressful legal situation is that of divorce. When a couple chooses to wed, creating vows, they are also creating a legal bond between them. They are registering their marriage with the state, and will now be legally married. If the couple chooses to then divorce, there are often a lot of details that need to be worked out. The divorce process is a complex one that often required a qualified divorce attorney.
In America, there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds. That is nearly 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 divorces per week and 876,000 div

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What’s the Difference Between a Civil Case and a Criminal Case?

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There are 1,268,011 lawyers in the United States, including criminal lawyers, appeals lawyers, DUI lawyers, robbery defense lawyers, and more. If you are not employed in the legal field, you might find that legal lingo can be hard to decipher. Here are some quick explanations in simpler terms.
What is a civil case? A civil case is brought to court when a person or organization called the plaintiff accuses the defendent (another person or organization) of failing to complete a legal duty. The plaintiff is expecting the court to make the defendent carry out the duty, or the plaintiff is asking for compensation.
For example

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