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What You Need to Know About Drug Possession Charges

If you or someone you know has been arrested for drug possession, otherwise known as possession of a controlled substance, it’s important to be aware of all the information you can. A good criminal defense attorney will help clients understand legal jargon and get to the point of each individual’s case, but it never hurts to do as much research as you can on your own. Here are some things that you should know about drug possession laws in America and the process of our justice system.

Laws Vary State by State

Depending on the state in which the accused was arrested, the laws around drug possession can vary. Find out what amounts of the substance you were arrested for qualify for misdemeanors or felonies in your state, or if you’re dealing with federal law enforcement. This can determine the severity of your case,

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When to Get Yourself a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Drivers under the age of 21 make up about 5% of the driving population, and they also account for about 11% of drivers involved in drug/alcohol related deaths. However, these drivers under the age of 21 do not make up the only population of people who receive traffic violations. In fact, the probation rate is 400% higher than that of Europe, proving that traffic violations and other crimes are much higher in the U.S. than abroad.
If you or someone you know has received a ticket for a traffic violation, you do not need to panic. Having a lawyer on your side can help when trying to fight traffic tickets or even something more serious like a DUI. You might think that you can take care of the ticket yourself, and if it’s something that’s not very serious (think a parking ticket), you might just opt to handle it yourself or pay the price of the ticket. However, with mo

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Personal Injury Attorneys May Help Their Clients Understand Their Best Available Options

If you have been a victim of a personal injury accident, it is important to make sure that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. Whether you have been injured in one of the thousands of truck accidents that you happen in a year or you have been injured in an accident at work, it is important to have your own legal representation.
If you have recently survived a serious accident, it is understandable to feel relief at first. Before long, however, you will likely be faced with the reality of doctor’s appointments or long hospital stays, as well as rehabilitation bills and possible modifications to your home and your car. And while it is good to be grateful, it is also important to be careful as well. Careful that you do not accept an insurance settlement too soon or careful to let someone else’s lawyer make decision that will affect you for your entire life.
By working with your own att

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