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How to Be More Diplomatic

How to Be More Diplomatic

In today’s article we are going to focus how to be more diplomatic in our life and why it is so much important. Hence, for becoming a diplomatic, you need to learn the following 4 basics of diplomatic communication.

  What is Diplomatic Communication?

A diplomatic person is one who alters the situation and turns issues into his favor without damaging the relations.  The diplomatic mode of communication is based on kindness, compassion, respect and dignity.

Diplomatic communication is meant to be honest and manipulative but it does not mean that you speak lie and deceive others. Your communication should reflect that you give respect to the person you are speaking with and trying your best to win his heart.  In nutshell, it is like the famous saying “It’s not what you say; its how you say it.”

Tip #1: Learn to Flex Your Communication Style
Earlier, I was very open, clear, direct and to-the-point communicator. I thought to spend some time in learning different styles of communication. When I completed my communication sessions, I happened to start flexing my communication as per the situational needs.  During the course of learning, I had also learned that how to identify the communication style of those people who live around me.

The book I chose for this learning was “People Styles at Work” which had already been discussed in my previous article: Communicate Better with Different Types of People. I have taught this type of communication to a big number of people and I think it is the most valuable management tool for smooth and effective communication.

Tip #2: Choose Your Words Carefully
It is the natural tendency that no one wants his ideas to be rebuffed. My father often told me that “Baby, you need not to say that is white rather you should say that it is not black”. He was perhaps meant to teach me the importance and value of words. Inevitably, politicians know that very well. To influence hearts and minds of the people, they use appealing and inciting words.

Therefore, it must be in your chambers of thoughts that words are powerful bandwagon. They have to be used meaningfully and on right time. Hence, for becoming a diplomatic, you need to adopt this tip.

Tip #3 Listen, Think, and Be Open

I could never forget the experience that I had when I was a manager. I used to tell colleagues “I am your manager, do what I say”. This style of communication always detached me from official relationships and I did not care for the feelings of others. It was absolutely wrong and it was pathetic style of communication. But, after reading listen, think, and be open lesson, I changed myself and happened to communicate in more professional manner.  In diplomatic communication there is tool which often dictates you when, how and where to disagree.  Therefore, you need to think and listen before completing your communication.

Tip #4 Relax Your Body and Your Face

Being a diplomatic communicator, you need to understand that body language matters a lot. You have to pose yourself as calm and relaxed. Your speaking tone should be natural and your face expressions must be convincing. Hence, no matter what issues you face, it must not appear from your body language or face expressions that you are tensed. This style of communication can only be adopted through practice. Someone has rightly said that “Crisis tests the true mettle of men”.


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