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Today’s “not guilty” verdict in the trial of a second police officer in the Freddie Gray death from a year ago has an entire sector of the community again frightened by the ramifications of that decision. When the five day bench trial judge announced that Officer Edward Nero was acquitted on all counts for his role in the arrest of Freddie Gray an angry and disappointed crowd outside of the courthouse reacted with emotions ranging from anger to disbelief to sadness. While Gray’s family attorney was quick to point out that the judge’s decision only applied to this one officer, he also supported the judge’s careful attention to these specific charges for this specific officer.
As parents across the country again deal with what appears to some as unfair treatment of African American males, all parents begin to understand the importance of having the best legal representative. Whether you are looking for a Fayetteville personal injury lawyer or a Chicago bankruptcy attorney, finding someone who will take the time to understand the specific details of your case is important.
The name of a large law firm may be impressive on a letterhead, but in the courtroom what matters is the personal attention that your legal representative gives to your case. Often, clients find that a local attorney will make the biggest impact on their case. Understanding the community, the local courtrooms, and the local judges are assets in many cases.
When Police Officers Interview Suspects Their Interrogation Methods Can Differ
Police interviews in America have often been known for making suspects sweat with techniques just short of guilt presumptive process that is used in the Reid technique. This old fashioned method is what we are used to seeing on television dramas. Single light bulb hanging from the ceiling, one desk, three chairs, one suspect, one or two detectives. And while some people may have confessed to crimes they did not commit when police officers use the Reid technique, a new article in Wired called “Nothing but the Truth” talks about a new technique.
A newer technique that has been perfected during international terror cases during President Obama’s time in office. This newer interrogation method used by police during questioning is named for its use of high value detainees (HID). The HID technique is conducted in a much larger room with plenty of light. The suspects are offered a warm drink as some studies have shown that suspects with their hands around a warm beverage tend to trust the person interviewing them more. As opposed to the aggressive police questioning used during the Reid Technique, the HID Technique is more about listening, less about asking questions. The theory is that a relaxed suspect will talk more, perhaps so much that his or her lengthy comments will contradict what they have previously said or evidence that has previously been proven or admitted.
Silence Is Golden
A legal representative will likely instruct a client to stay silent until a lawyer is present. Without legal representation the client may answer a question that never should have been asked and in the process of doing so incriminate himself or herself. With a lawyer present police will likely be more careful about what they ask a potential suspect.
Even the answers a driver gives at the scene of an accident can have implications. Did you know, for example, that at any given moment of daylight across America nearly 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while they are driving. As states work to increase laws that eliminate these dangerous habits, some police questions may ask about distracted driving. The wrong answer the first time this question is asked could lead to negative implications.
In today’s climate, some Americans find themselves both angry and frightened if they are confronted by the police. As a result, that anger or fear may even contribute to the escalation of a situation. When possible, many attorneys suggest that it is best to have a legal representative. Whether you are facing bankruptcy, a criminal charge, or a personal injury accident, an attorney can make sure that you understand how the different aspects of the legal process work.

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