How Helpful Is an Attorney In Divorce Cases?

Divorce attorney

There is an infamous statistic that say half of all marriages end in divorce. As a divorce attorney will tell you, the actual number is about 42% for first marriages. The process of dissolving a marriage is not simple or quick. With the help of an experienced, trusted attorney the process can go more smoothly.

The Everyday Opportunity That Is Missed.

When couples are asked why they believe their marriage failed, only 20% blame an affair by the other partner. Instead, 80% say the loss of intimacy is what led to the separation. An family lawyer may suggest mediation before divorce paperwork is filed, especially if there are children involved.

Just as marriage is a joining of two lives, divorce requires splitting everything, from possessions to stocks, houses to child responsibility. There will be disagreements. It would perhaps be best for everyone involved if the couple were able to discuss these matters calmly and rationally. But the union was one that was based upon deep-seated emotions, and it is rare for its dissolution to be as impersonal as filling out a form.

Do What Is Best for the Children.

A common fear when a divorce is filed is how the children will adapt to the new arrangement. It is important to reassure them of what remains the same, mainly the love their parents have for them and the support they will have at both homes. While older children may be mature enough to make the decision of who to live with one their own, smaller children are a different concern. At times, very small children may be more attached to one parent over another. This attachment is not always an indication of how the child will feel throughout their whole life, and decisions should be made carefully.

The Where, When, and How of Visitation.

Consider: who has a job that allows them to be home with the children at night? Who helps them with their schoolwork? It can be unnecessarily hard for both parents and the children if the schedule is changed too drastically. Again, make decisions rationally, not emotionally. Because it is likely to be difficult to remain impartial, it is generally recommended that an attorney experienced in family law sits down and discusses visitation with both parents. Having a third impartial party present can help diffuse arguments and provide another perspective of the situation.

Divorce is dreaded by every married couple, especially those with children. If it is decided between the couple that the only solution is a dissolution, it is time to look into attorneys in the area that can help.

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