How to Apply For E2 Visa with the Help of the Best Immigration Lawyer

The United States provides an ideal environment for anyone who wants to start a business. As a start-up owner, you enjoy some benefits including tax credit and special resources to make your business successful. Your business benefits not only you but also the whole country. You are given support to help you succeed and contribute to building the United State’s economy despite being an immigrant. With the help of the best immigration attorney, you can get the E2 investor visas. Many immigrants are doing well here, and it’s approximated that 13% of the U.S. population is made up by immigrants.

immigration lawyer. The best immigration attorney to work with is one who is familiar in assisting nations from your country. Besides, you also have to pay the visa filing fees for your lawyer guide you throughout the process.

Uses of the E2 Visas
For you to use the E2 visas, you must be from one of the qualifying treaty countries. With this visa, you can manage your business operation directly and live in the U.S. Your presence ensures your investment runs successfully.

How to qualify for the E2 Visa
The most important requirements that you have to meet before getting an E2 visa to include

1. The visas are only available for persons from countries that maintain a commerce treaty with the U.S. you can check the list of the countries in the U.S. Department of State site.

2. The investment should not be marginal and must be a legitimate enterprise. You may need to assistance from your E2 visa lawyers.

3. The primary reason for migrating to the US should be to develop and manage the business. This means you have to own at least half of or hold a managerial position.

4. The source of your capital should be legal and verifiable.

What Is The Validity Of The E2 Visa?
The E2 visa lasts for two years only. After that, you can get E2 visa renewal if you are still engaged in the business activities. You get a two-year extension, and the number of extensions is indefinite as long as your application is according to the immigration statutes of the United States.

Your spouse and children below 21 years can also apply for the E2 visas. With the guidance of an e2 immigration attorney, they may be granted, and the visa allows your spouse to work in the US legally. Therefore, it’s essential to find the best immigration attorney when facing immigration issues.

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