Is Your Creation Patent Worthy?

Did you know that not everything can be patented? The qualifications are very broad when it comes to encompassing original inventions. In order for your material to be qualified, an invention must meet certain criteria. That sounds pretty serious doesn’t it? Are you prepared to understand all of the legal ramifications concerning your business and patents?

Whether you own a small business, you are a new entrepreneur, you want to start a startup or you are just an inventor, it is essential that you understand all of the legalities concerning filing for a patent. You need a patent attorney in order to successfully obtain a patent. There is much to understand ranging from how to file a patent application as well as understanding patent law. The bottom line is you need patent protection for your inventions and ideas.

The Advantages of Getting a Patent

When trying to decided if your invention needs to be patented, consider all of the risks you face if you do not patent it. Having a patent provides you with the right to legally halt others from manufacturing, importing, copying, or selling your invention without permission directly from you. You are essentially protecting your intellectual property.

Said protection is for a certain period of time, so competitors can be kept at bay. A new patent has a term that lasts 20 years from the date in which the application was filed. You can either use the invention yourself, or license the patent so others can use or sell it. This is where a patent becomes very useful in providing a source of revenue for businesses. A lot of businesses actually exist just to collect royalties from their licensed patents. This could be done in a combination of trade mark and registered design.

That Advantages of Having a Patent Attorney

A patent attorney protects you when it comes intellectual property issues. They fully understand the patent process as well as trademark law so you are fully protected using their legal services. When you want to make your inventions a reality, patent the idea using a patent attorney who can help make sure not one steals it or tries to claim your invention as their own.

A patent attorney can help you file a patent application and save you from a lot of frustration and wasted time. They understand what it takes to file all of the necessary forms including drawings and descriptions so they are accurately documented. Are you sure your invention actually has patentability? A patent attorney knows how to investigate concerning whether your idea is innovative, useful, unique or likely to market very well.

An attorney also has the ability to perform patent infringement research on a much wider scale so your particular invention doesn’t encroach on another inventor’s ideas within the United States or any foreign country. Other services they provide in this niche is reviewing patent applications to ensure they have no errors as well as filing them. The applicable applications fees will also be paid.

Should You Try to File for a Patent on Your Own?

You could always try to file a patent on your own. However, there are many steps and it requires quite a bit of time between reading, researching, creating drawings and writing descriptions. Just filing one patent application can take several hundreds of hours. Are you writing skills up to par? You will also need solid writing skills as well as project management skills.

A successful patent applications starts with hiring a patent attorney. When you partner with a skilled and experienced attorney, you will find the process goes much easier with streamlined legal services. Get the legal assistance you need when obtaining copyrights, patents and trademarks so you know everything is handled correctly in correlation with the law.

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