Victim of Financial Fraud?Nationwide Litigation Attorneys Help You Get Your Money Back!

A well-heeled securities fraud attorney Baltimore can help you to fight back against fraud anywhere in the US. Far too many people are victims of financial fraud and simply walk away without their money because they are not aware, they can fight back.

Litigation attorneys that specialize in filing claims against financial advisors for churning, unsuitability, negligence and more can help you to get your money back. You do not have to just accept the situation and let it go.

Fiduciary Responsibility

In its most basic form a fiduciary responsibility means that one person is responsible to another to act in their best interest. Investment Advisors Act of 1940 outlines the ethical standards that are expected of a financial advisor.

Advisors are supposed to move forward and provide advice, make investments and manage money without a conflict of interest. Should a conflict arise that advisor is supposed to advise the client of the conflict.

Other responsibilities include always moving in the best interest of the client. Provide full disclosures, do not use misleading statements and move with integrity. The law is in place to protect the investor.

Some examples of breach of the fiduciary duties include, using misleading statements, hiding conflicts of interest, negligence and blatant fraudulent acts. Financial advisors are not supposed to make decisions based on their own best interest.

Negligence, Securities Fraud and More

When you suspect that there was negligence, fraud of any type or other inappropriate actions that caused you to lose your money, litigation attorneys that specialize as a securities fraud lawyer. A stockbroker fraud lawyer has the experience to help you fight back.

A Maryland securities fraud lawyer can provide nationwide services that can unveil the fraud and prevent evidence to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) arbitration panel. They will stand up for you in a wide range of fraud.

Estates and Trust Litigation

Litigation attorneys can also help you to fight against claims relating to incompetency, undue influence and more in wills and trusts. They have the expertise you need to navigate these sometimes very complex matters in court.

You do not have to struggle with suspected fraud or negligence when it comes to a wide range of situations. You can fight back if you have the right team on your side.

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