What Representing Men in Divorce Taught Me About Fatherhood

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Are in the process of divorce, or already divorced and you are wondering the importance of father’s custody in a child’s life and development? Here are some of the things you need to know

During Father’s Day, the internet, mainly the social media feed, is filled with photos and videos of happy families showing various gratitude gestures towards fathers. On this day you will see childhood photos, large family meals, cards and crafts, trending on the internet.

While I was scrolling this photo and videos, I stumbled upon a TEDx talk video titled: What representing men in divorce taught me about fatherhood by attorney Marylin York. Attorney Marylin York devoted her career to helping men in divorce and child custody cases. She also owns a men’s right law firm in Nevada established in 2001. Marylin and her nine female employees primarily focus on representing men for only two reasons

  1. In her the video, she explains how fathers are important in the upbringing and development of a child.
  2. Fathers are always portrayed as the disadvantage parent in the family court and society. She believes that even though the law is improving the statistics are not.

In her talk, she argues that there are unique roles a father plays in the lives and development of children. She highlights the negative consequences of fatherlessness in children, especially in their adolescent stage.

Statistically, there are more than 18,000,000 children in America growing up without their fathers and increasing every year. In a study conducted by Center for Disease Control suggest that; Children from homes with no father account for the more than 87% of homeless and runaway kids. The data suggest that more than 70% of these children are high school dropouts and 64% of the youth suicides.

Today fatherlessness in the United States is considered as an epidemic affecting over 19 million children which directly proportional to the realms of poverty, crime, psychiatric hospital admission and mental health issues this is according to the data children need their fathers.

Today most of the local bodies such as the center for fathering aspire, mobilize and encourage fathers to become positive influencers of their children lives.

York reminds us that every day one of us is a change-maker, and we should recognize the importance of fathers. She also leaves us with some takeaway notes of how we can end this era of fatherlessness this includes.

  • As a father, you should take some efforts to get involved with your daily life’s
  • If you are a child, seek your dad’s advice. Ask him some questions and seek his advice
  • If you are mother nature the relationship between your children and their dad instead of controlling and trying to interfere with it
  • If you are an employer always allow the fathers you have employed the ability to be involved in their children lives by allowing them to go for their child’s school events

The father’s role is as significant as a teacher’s role. He needs to be there to advise and protect the child from the curiosity of the world, thus developing behavior values to the child.

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