Why People Get Divorced

Marriage mediation services

Domestic partnerships and marriages are incredibly common pretty much anywhere in the world. After all, we love to love. Many of these marriages and domestic partnerships are happy unions that thrive on mutual respect, love, and a solid foundation of communication, but many domestic partnerships and marriages end in separation and divorce. Unfortunate though it is, the divorce and separation of domestic partnerships and marriages are a fact of life, and seeking the appropriate legal representation is an important step to take if this becomes your reality. Divorcing your spouse can be an emotionally difficult time, and it is important that you have adequate representation through the entire process of divorcing your spouse.

With ten percent of the total population of the United States seeking a divorce at some point in their lives, divorcing your spouse is very common. And, like anything involving the dissolving of a relationship, there are many varied reasons for divorcing your spouse to become necessary. For instance, first marriages have more than a thirty percent chance of ending in divorce during the first ten years of marriage, while second marriages have an even increased rate of the likelihood of divorce within the first ten years. In fact, the greater the number of marriages, the greater the chance of the couple ultimately divorcing. Researchers say that, in general, the typical marriage has about a fifty percent chance of lasting. There are a number of other factors that can lead to a divorce, such as repeated infidelity or even smoking. Studies have shown that if one person smokes in a household but the other does not, the chance of divorce is considerably raised. Financial woes or the illness of child can also lead to an increased likelihood of divorce, as can anything that places a considerable amount of stress on the married couple. Even not attending college raises your chance of getting a divorce by more than ten percent. Not having children also raises the possibility that you will go through with divorcing your spouse. In domestic partnerships and marriages alike, there are any number of reasons for the dissolution of the relationship and it will vary from couple to couple – no divorce or separation will be exactly the same.

It is important to hire legal representation in the form of a divorce lawyer, as divorces are likely to be contentious. In fact, in up to eighty percent of divorce cases, one partner wants the divorce but the other does not. This can lead to problems in the divorce process, which typically takes around one year but can certainly last longer. Hiring family law attorneys may also be ideal if the couple has one or more child and needs to determine aspects of the divorce such as how they will split custody.

Fortunately, the majority of divorce cases – around ninety five percent of them – can be settled outside of the courtroom. These divorces are often mediated and divorce mediation services tends to be the ideal way to end a marriage or even domestic partnerships. In fact, two out of every three former couples say that they were happy with the outcome of their divorce mediation process, as well as the process itself.

Unfortunately, divorce is common in the United States and can be caused by a number of factors, though every couple and every divorce will be different, if even only by a little. However, hiring a divorce attorney and pursuing divorce mediation can keep your divorce out of the courtroom and allow it to be settled as quickly and as easily and with as little contention as possible.

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