Month: November 2016

California family lawyers
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What is a restraining order

Becoming Familiar With Californian Law The Basics

If you need to choose a criminal lawyer or simply explore your options in light of an altercation or conviction, Hanford attorneys are available to assist you in all matters legal. Domestic violence statistics and DUI consequences are just a few of the constant elements that see Californian residents turning to legal firms. To find […]

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Patent attorney
Patent attorney services
Patent lawyer

Do You Have a Unique Product That You Would Like to Protect?

Patent lawyers can help you file the papers and protect the product that you have developed. Reading patent law regulations can be overwhelming for inventors without legal experience. Old ideas can be made new again. You may not realize that patent and trademark laws do not last forever. Patent lawyers can help you understand the […]

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Patent attorney
Trademark attorney

5 Tips to Protect Your Brand from Fraud

The business of protecting a company’s intellectual property is a big one. There are several branches of law that exist under the umbrella of intellectual property law. You have trademark attorneys for trademark law, copyright lawyers for copyright law and patent lawyers to help with patent law. If you have a business, you need to […]

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Probate litigation attorney

Are You Considering a Future Career as a Lawyer?

The major bank that is running its public services announcements during primetime television events a following the guidelines of government requirements. After being found guilty of improperly, and some feel dishonestly, misreporting the number of accounts and customers that they have, it is imperative that the bank regulators follow through on all of the assessed […]

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