What is Service of Process?

A service of process
is a legal procedure in the U.S. that requires a plaintiff to appropriately serve a defendant with a court summons and other related documents as described in the video. The service of process is usually delivered in person or handed over to a suitable person in their place of work, business, or home.

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In the U.S., a court can only exercise jurisdiction over a person when they’re fully served with the summons to court proceedings. The summons, plaintiff’s complaints, and any other related documents are collectively known as service of process. The service of process is usually served by an adult who is not a party to the legal proceedings, or a plaintiff can hire professional process servers to fully notify the defendant of the court proceedings.

The rules governing the service of process vary by jurisdiction. However, this is a general rule that governs service of procedure in the U.S. There is an exception to this rule as a federal rule of civil procedure allows a defendant to waive an in-hand service of process to give them more time to compose their answers.

Generally, a service of process is a legal process that requires a person or a party to properly notify the other party of the legal proceedings. A party can notify the other party with summons or related court documents either in person or leave it with a suitable person in their residence, place of business or employment.


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