Important Questions to Ask Your Immigration Attorney

If you’re in the USA, there’s a good chance you know someone who’s had an issue with the immigration department either because they had a problem with their visa or citizenship. Or maybe that person is you. But the truth is that immigration issues can be complex and, most of the time, you will always need the help of an immigration attorney to navigate them, as stated in the video. As such, to find the best immigration attorneys, you always need to ask them these questions:

Firstly, ask, do you have a proven track record? Well, inquiring about a track record of whether someone else was asking you this question is crucial in determining your past performance, just like the attorney’s. Moreover, it will help you gauge the lawyer’s success and level of experience with federal law.

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Additionally, their track record can also shed light on their legal skills and abilities.

Next, ask, how can you help me with my case? Look, how a lawyer can assist you is a complex question. But that’s the main point, though. So, don’t hold back when asking this type of question. Furthermore, asking this question can help you assess the lawyer’s ability to think and communicate clearly under pressure by posing such a broad inquiry.

Finally, ask, what is the success rate of my case? If you are having immigration troubles, the first thing you always need assurance of is the success rate of the case, nothing else. As such, find out from the best immigration attorneys the likelihood of success they see in your case. Most importantly, it is essential to get a fair evaluation of your possibilities, positive or negative, so that you can manage your expectations.


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