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Tips for Hiring a Family Attorney

Family law has become one of the most relevant fields in the legal practice as it affects millions of people across the world. Family law deals with issues relating to divorces, child support, adoption and child custody matters. Some of the issues covered in a family court are inevitable which is why you might find yourself needing the services of family law attorneys. Remember, legal issues dispensed in a family court are at time sensitive in nature-as it is the case with divorce and child custody matter. This is why you need to find the right child custody attorney or divorce lawyer. However, hiring a good family lawyer is not as easy as it might sound. Considering the complexity of some issues in a typical family court, the process of hiring a family attorney should be taken seriously. Since there are hundreds of legal practices dealing with family law cases, people oft

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Can Fathers Win Child Custody Cases Over Mothers?

Divorce forms
It’s an age-old question when it comes to divorce and child custody. Are courts more likely to favor mothers over fathers when it comes to child custody?
Changing Child Custody Trends
In the past, courts in many states ruled almost completely in favor of mothers when children were 5 and under and still required years of formative care. In many states, this rule of thumb has become outdated and if anything, will only serve as a tie-breaking factor if two parents are both fit to care for preschool-aged children.
Now, there isn’t a state in the US that requires child custody to be awarded to the mother automatically, and rulings are based on the fitness of each parent and what’s best for the children, without taking gender into account.
What Divorced Couples Usually De

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