Year: 2014

Do you have to take a breathalyzer test
Dui attorney raleigh nc
Raleigh dui attorney

Four Things You Need To Know About DWI Checkpoints

The holidays may be drawing to a close (finally!), but law enforcement officials know that the cold weather is still conducive to late nights at the bar, taking shots with friends and forgetting about the awkwardness of the three separate Christmas dinners you were dragged to on one day. They also know that plenty of […]

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Accident injury attorney
Accident injury lawsuit

5 Things Not All Lawyers Will Tell You About Auto Accident Injury Claims

Auto accident injury claims are sometimes necessary after a car crash so that you can pay your medical bills and recover the wages you lose as a result of injury. But it’s not always as simple as TV-commercial attorneys sometimes make it sound. Here’s what you need to know about claims that less-than-reputable personal injury […]

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Reckless driving charge
Speeding ticket attorney
Traffic violations attorney

The One Defense That So Many Traffic Tickets Cannot Withstand

Getting a traffic ticket isn’t just annoying and time-consuming — it can end up costing you a lot of money and causing you a lot of stress, and not just for a short period of time. While less serious traffic violations usually don’t come with long period of jail time or prison time, too many […]

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Divorce laws in texas
Questions to ask a divorce lawyer
Uncontested divorce attorney

Three Tips for Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer

It’s important to find the right lawyer if you’re in the process of a divorce. You could also look for a qualified mediation attorney to help you find the best way to split up in an amicable way and avoid issues, especially if there are children involved. You could also benefit from the help of […]

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About bankruptcy in st. louis
Bankruptcy attorneys
Bankruptcy lawyer st. louis

The Basics of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Personal Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy process, but with the right help, it can be less stressful. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney can help you navigate your bankruptcy process and answer important questions along the way, such as whether you can go from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7, or do you have to go […]

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Automobile accidents lawyer
Construction accident attorney
Lawyers for auto accidents

4 Safe Driving Habits

Auto accidents are common in the United States and can have disastrous effects — every 13 minutes, a death occurs due to an auto accident in the U.S. Auto accidents are the number one reason for personal injury lawsuits to be filed in the U.S., and if you find yourself involved in a lawsuit, you […]

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy and taxes
Chapter 7 bankruptcy timeline
Difference between chapter 7 11 and 13

Bankruptcy Lawyer Bills Detroit $34,000 for a Reason You Won’t Believe

One of Detroit’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys billed the city nearly $34,000 — just so he could travel to and from his vacation home in Florida. According to a December 3 Detroit News article, David Heiman, a partner at law firm Jones Day who charges $1,075 per hour, also billed the city for the cost […]

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Chapter 11 vs chapter 13 bankruptcy
Chapter 13 bankruptcy timeline
What it means to file bankruptcy

Three Steps Everyone Should Take After Receiving a Traffic Ticket

Did you know that the most likely reason you will ever have to interact with a police officer is through being pulled over for a traffic violation? Across the country, police issue an astounding 112,000 traffic tickets each day! That means it’s highly likely that you will receive a traffic ticket at some point in […]

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Personal injury attorney arkansas
Semi truck accident attorneys
Truck injury attorney

Tips for Finding the Right Social Security Disability Lawyer For Your Needs

UPDATED 1/29/21 Suppose your life has been impacted and you become disabled, applying for the social security disability benefits can be challenging. You will need to hire your local ssi attorneys to help you get your benefits. The disability attorney is experienced in these issues and will do the following on your behalf. Carry out […]

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Intellectual property law attorneys
Intellectual property lawyer
What is legal opinion

Intellectual Property Protection for Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents

If you’re someone who has invented a new or useful product, created an artistic work, or developed a brand name or logo, you most likely need to seek out intellectual property protection. Protecting your ideas and inventions is crucial when it comes to preserving your livelihood, whether that’s through a single creative venture or an […]

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