Three Steps Everyone Should Take After Receiving a Traffic Ticket

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Did you know that the most likely reason you will ever have to interact with a police officer is through being pulled over for a traffic violation?

Across the country, police issue an astounding 112,000 traffic tickets each day! That means it’s highly likely that you will receive a traffic ticket at some point in your life, whether it’s for speeding, running a red light or another traffic infraction.

If you have already received a traffic ticket, it can be highly upsetting — and you might not know where to find the right traffic ticket help or what to do next.

To give you some help with traffic tickets, here are the top three most essential things you need to do if you have just been issued a traffic ticket:

Look at how much the fine is What is the law behind the camera tickets and speeding tickets’ fines? Before taking any action, you should find out how much your ticket will cost, as each state’s laws on fines for traffic infractions differ immensely. The average traffic ticket won’t have you calling a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, but you should find out whether you can afford to pay your fine or not by calling the number on the back of your ticket.

Determine whether you will need to go to court For the majority of traffic tickets, the fine can be paid through the mail, and you won’t have to appear in court. But for more serious infractions, you may be required to go to court — in which case you will have to pay the fine along with any additional court fees. On the other hand, if you feel you didn’t deserve your ticket, you can go to court at the scheduled date and time on your ticket and try to get your ticket reduced.

Consider the impact the ticket will have on your driver’s record Most traffic tickets carry a penalty for one’s driving record — and the more points you have on your license, the higher your car insurance will be, and the fewer privileges you will have as a driver. You may have to contact your auto insurance company to try and negotiate a less-expensive insurance plan if this is the case.

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