Month: April 2014

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Make The Right Choice After Your DUI Arrest

You have made the wrong choice, deciding to get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. Now you must find a DUI attorney who has experience in the courtroom and getting the best judgement for his clients. Do your research, and put your night of bad choices behind you. Charges of DUI, DWI or […]

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Three Political Issues Sure to Affect the Midterm Election

You don’t have to do extensive legislative history research to see why Democrats chose to use equal pay to help win them some votes for the upcoming midterms. It’s a decades old legislative news topic–even JFK tried to tackle it with legal statutes of his own–and it’s one that appeals to a demographic that helped […]

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High Suicide Rates Among Vets Alarms Politicians and Researchers

Our veterans are not getting the treatment they need. Reported suicides among veterans amount to 22 per day, and CNN suggests the actual figures may be even larger. The alarmingly high suicide rate raises important questions. How are we failing our vets? What are we doing wrong? Politicians and researchers are grappling for answers to […]

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What Are the Most Commonly Violated Employee Laws in the United States?

Unfortunately, employers taking advantage of their employees or otherwise treating them unfairly is not a novel concept in the United States. In 2010, The New York Times published a story titled “U.S. Outlines Plan to Curb Violations of Labor Law.” 2010, as you may remember, was one of the worst years of the Great Recession, […]

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Blade Runner Defense Witness May Have Lied About Expertise, Sources Say

The Oscar Pistorius “Blade Runner” trial wages on, and the testimony is getting heated. The trial began with mobile phone evidence, with some incriminating messages raising eyebrows. The select messages painted Pistorius as someone with a heated temper, someone his late girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, admitted to being afraid of. Pistorius’ increasingly thin and questionable defense […]

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Are You Involved in Divorce or Personal Injury?

Once an accident occurs and you are the victim, you should take a few steps to ensure you get the right compensation. This becomes critical in cases where you incur injuries from an incident. Some injuries may be mild, but others can be pretty severe. Whatever the case, you should understand how to claim bodily […]

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Your Personal Injury Suit Deserves Top Counsel

You will most likely need an auto accident attorney if you have been in an auto accident that has left you to deal with some serious injuries and much damage to your vehicle. Accident compensation lawyers can help you get bodily injury compensation for your medical and personal losses. In some cases, they can help […]

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