Month: May 2016

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Whistleblower lawyers

Whistle While You Work on Exposing the Truth Taking a Look at the Dynamics of Whistleblower Retaliation Cases

The modern world is full of duality, so much so that it can be extremely confusing and even frustrating to understand what the best course of action is to take or why you may feel a certain way. And with constantly having to come face to face with mixed, and often conflicting societal messages, it […]

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Questions to Ask Your Medical Malpractice Lawyer

UPDATED 2/2/21 We rely on doctors to take care of us when we are sick or injured and to help us get better and take the best possible care of ourselves. While the vast majority of doctors are good and work hard to take care of their patients there are some bad ones out there. […]

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How to Be a Decent Human Being

It is safe to say, that for the most part, everyone just wants to get along. But with so many people in the world, each coming from different backgrounds, upbringings, perceptions and understandings of the world around them, there are bound to be some miscommunications and disagreements. Most of these can be resolved through calm […]

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Finding an Attorney May Help You Get the Legal Results That You Want

Today’s “not guilty” verdict in the trial of a second police officer in the Freddie Gray death from a year ago has an entire sector of the community again frightened by the ramifications of that decision. When the five day bench trial judge announced that Officer Edward Nero was acquitted on all counts for his […]

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Police Patrol the Cities Every Day, but Who’s Patrolling the Police? Recording Services for Police Forces

Law enforcement is one of the most important and dangerous jobs out there, and while the police men and women of the world are tasked with protecting the public, who will make sure that they are, in turn, protected? Police cams and in vehicle camera systems are revolutionizing law enforcement, as well as helping the […]

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Child custody attorney orange county
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3 Reasons to Seek a Professional Family Law Practice

Are you in need of legal advice or assistance with your upcoming case? Do you have questions about family law and legal matters? If so, then you need to find local family law attorneys who can lend a helping hand. Finding a family lawyer is a vital step toward ensuring you have a fair and […]

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