Month: November 2018

Construction accidents
Hurt in an accident
Personal injury law firms

Tips for Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

There are many types of personal injury that can take place for a variety of reasons, but a common case is someone getting hurt by a drunk driver. If this is something that has happened to you or someone you care for then chances are you on the hunt for a reliable personal injury attorney. […]

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Elder care attorney
Elder care attorney new york

Taking A Look At Caring For The Elderly Population In The United States

In recent years, the population of those who are over the age of sixty five has been on the rise, thanks to a rising generation of Baby Boomers here in the United States. Already, the numbers of this elderly population have swelled to nearly fifty million people (just over forty nine million, to be a […]

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Body cameras
Body worn cameras for police
In car camera

In-Car Cameras for Police Work

Various American police forces make use of different items, techniques, and verbal skills to carry out their jobs from day to day, and one in particular is an in car video system, simply a recording camera in the police officer’s vehicle to record his/her interactions with other people, from citizens they pull over to help […]

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Accident lawyer
Legal separation law

Attorneys for Separation and Estate

A person’s life can e complicated by a legal separation from his/her spouse, especially if children are involved, and legal assistance is often needed for handling such matters, especially if the other party has already done so. For later in life, estate planning is critical for ensuring that a person’s estate, the sum of their […]

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Criminal allegation
Duii attorney in clackamas county
West linn criminal defense attorney

Dealing With a DUI Charge

Motor accidents are a common features on American roads today, and sometimes, injury or fatalities may be a result of a car colliding with another vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian. Sometimes, adverse weather such as heavy rain or icy roads can cause a crash, but often, a drunk or distracted driver is the cause of such […]

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Child custody
Child support
Divorce attorney

Custody Evaluation Tips to You Need to Know

Going through a divorce when there are children involved is never an easy matter, and with so much to consider, any unneeded additional stress can be detrimental to your overall well being. If you are looking for custody evaluation help, here are a few tips to help you make it though. Listen to Your Lawyers […]

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Intellectual property attorney
Portland patent attorney
Trademark services

Four Types of Intellectual Property

There are close to 28 million small businesses in the U.S., each with a product of service to offer. With that comes the risk of intellectual property and patent infringements from competitors or other business owners. Understanding the four types of intellectual property can save you thousands of dollars in start-up costs and legal fees. […]

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