Custody Evaluation Tips to You Need to Know

Going through a divorce when there are children involved is never an easy matter, and with so much to consider, any unneeded additional stress can be detrimental to your overall well being. If you are looking for custody evaluation help, here are a few tips to help you make it though.

Listen to Your Lawyers Advice

If you have a divorce lawyer, or a child custody attorney at your disposal, it is crucial to listen to their advice. A lawyer will be able to explain, in depth, the process and what is needed. If they suggest specific instructions, it would be best to trust their experienced judgment. They have your best interests in mind, and serve as your main source of custody evaluation help.


Be sure and be on time for every appointment you have with your evaluator, if possible never cancel an appointment unless absolutely necessary. If you have any questions that you would like to ask, be sure to write them down, along with any additional ones that may arise during the interview. If you need any additional custody evaluation help before your first meeting, don’t forget you can always refer to your lawyer. Additionally, be sure you have access to all school and medical records for each child, just in case the evaluator asks to look over them during the interview.

Know Your Evaluator’s Role

A custody evaluator is an independent, outside party. They are not hired to take sides, but act as a neutral source that objectively evaluates what is best for the children involved. Even if you are the one who requested the evaluation, do not assume they are automatically going to agree with you immediately; they are strictly trained to think of only the welfare of your children.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Whatever you do, do not lie, under any circumstances, to the evaluator. If they believe there is any reason that you are being untruthful, it can result in a poor mark against you, which could cost you in the end. No matter what arises in the questioning, be honest, be truthful, and show that you want the best for your children above everything else.

First Impressions are Important

When an evaluator comes to you home, it is important to make a good first impression. Make sure everything is tidied up, and looking the best it can within reason. As unfair as it may seem, an evaluator will be judging and considering your parenting skills by the state of your home.

Stay on Topic

The main focus of the evaluator is to evaluate parenting, not marital issues. Talking about how problems that arose in your marriage won’t go far toward you gaining custody. If you spend too much time talking about problems between you and the other parent, it may come across that you are unwilling to be civil to them in any capacity.

Stay Positive

When going through a divorce it can be hard to stay positive, but remember that everything you are doing is for the benefit of your children. If given the opportunity to voice concerns regarding the other parent, be sure to voice them in a calm and polite manner. If you offer a critic, try to also offer kind words, doing so will only reflect well on you in the long run. Additionally, if you do assert any allegations, be sure that you have evidence to substantiate them. Making baseless claims, even if true, without evidence will do little good.

Be Cooperative

Don’t come across as hostile or unwilling to answer questions. It is also imperative that you try to accommodate any requests an evaluator makes; including providing any contact information for references, or signing any documents regarding the evaluation.

If you need custody evaluation help your lawyer will always serve as you first and best source of information. Keep these tips in mind, but always heed their advice first and foremost. Going though a custody evaluation is never easy, but always be honest, and always keep the well being of your children your first priority.

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