Month: March 2020


What You Should Know About Traveling as a Diplomat

Who is a diplomat? If you don’t already know, a diplomat is a type of government official who carries out the foreign policy of the United States. While you might think that a traveling diplomat is constantly moving, this isn’t always the case. Truly, the question “who is a diplomat” has come to take on […]

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5 Situations That Warrant Getting A Power Of Attorney For Your Parents

As our parents get older, we start thinking about their overall health and their assets. If something were to happen to them, who would help them with their estate? Who would help them keep up with monthly expenses? Who would act as a legally responsible representative in cases where they can’t represent themselves? There’s no […]

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When Was the Last Time That You Needed Legal Advice?

If your will does not create a trust for your child, a conservator will be assigned by the court to control the funds that pass to your child until he or she turns 19. The court will probably name the other living parent as conservator. If this is against your wishes, make sure your will […]

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