Choosing a DWI Defense Attorney

Misdemeanor traffic offense

The Facts

Nearly 30,800 fatal motor vehicle crashes, resulting in 33,561 deaths took place in 2012. Many of these accidents were the direct result of a drunk or drug impaired driver.

When a driver’s blood alcohol content reaches .08 grams per deciliter, a driver is considered legally impaired by alcohol. Therefore, if an accident occurs when a driver is at or above this limit, it is considered an alcohol-impaired crash.

When driving impaired, drivers are often not paying attention to the signals on the road. This leads to these drivers missing red lights. Studies show that 97% of drivers consider drivers who create red light violations to be dangerous. And for good reason; 1 in 3 people know someone who was killed or injured in an accident involving a driver running a red light. In 2012, 683 people were killed in crashes involving red lights and 133,000 were injured.

Driving under the influence also leads to careless and reckless driving. Speeding was involved in 29% of motor vehicle crash fatalities in 2013. Also, studies show that 53% of passengers in the front seat were not wearing seat belts when they were fatally injured. The American Automobile Association found that 11% of motor vehicle accidents involve a hit and run offense

After a DWI

Once a DWI has been received you may need assistance. If you want to fight the charges against you in county court for a DWI, a hit and run ticket, reckless driving charge, red light camera ticket, felony speeding ticket, felony traffic ticket or any other traffic violations then you may need to hire a DWI defense attorney.

A DWI defense attorney will be able to review your case and give you the best advice on how to handle your charges. Any misdemeanor or felony traffic violations can be reviewed by the DWI defense attorney and brought to court hearing procedures.

Choosing the right DWI defense attorney is important. Review the firms before selecting the one that is best for you to find out what they specialize in. Some firms may focus on fighting a red light or traffic ticket. Others deal with getting a DMV point reduction on your license or how to proceed after getting caught driving with a suspended license. If you need a hit and run accident attorney or a reckless driving attorney these may also be specialties of certain firms. Always remember to do your research on the firm –what their focus is and how reputable they are– before selecting your DWI defense attorney.

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