Common Civil Rights Violations


Approximately one in three black Americans admit to having experienced discrimination within the past year. Fifty percent of those have experienced it either in the workplace or in the voting booth. Sometimes discrimination against color is not so well known. Discrimination may occur secretly or out in the open, but it is important to recognize it and immediately address it in order for it to stop.

There is a wide gap between the wealth of white Americans and non-white Americans. Many may not know this gap, but it does indeed exist. The measurement of wealth, such as savings accounts, retirement accounts, mortgage loans and credit card balances are far outpaced by white families compared to black families. White families on average are about four times as wealthy as nonwhite families.

Mortgage Loans

Minority borrowers may experience civil rights violations without even being aware of it. Minority borrowers are denied specific mortgage loans more than white people are. Government sponsored mortgage loans are higher for white families than they are for nonwhite families, even if both families have the same credit score.

Drug Possession

Possession of a controlled substance should lead to a drug charge no matter age or race. Some races of individuals experience harsher penalties for drug possession. Black people are arrested three times as much as white individuals when it comes to drug possession. Some instances of drug possession should warrant a citation rather than arrest and jail time. If you feel that you were arrested and jailed and your civil rights were abused, then contacting a civil rights lawyer is the best route.

Employment Discrimination

Many times civil rights are violated in the workplace and majority of people tend to overlook this. Promoting another employee with less experience simply because of his or her skin color is a sure sign of discrimination. Showing favoritism to one employee over another because of that employee’s lifestyle, background or heritage is also a violation of civil rights. Punishing one employee for the same actions other employees engage in is another form of discrimination, which is often overlooked.

Criminal Civil Rights Violations

Criminal acts are just that, criminal. When they take place against another individuals based solely on that persons race they become civil criminal violations, otherwise known as “hate crimes.” Hate crimes involve threats or actions that involve beating, hitting, threatening death, vandalizing property and threatening one’s family. Violations such as these benefit from a civil rights criminal justice lawyer.

Filing a discrimination lawsuit will warrant proper investigations into the allegations. After investigations occur, if wrongdoing is found then standard mediation services may be conducted. If mediation does not resolve the issue, then a court date will be set for a trial to take place. Make sure that you are properly represented in the event that your case goes to trial. Contact a civil rights lawyer today to protect your rights and defend them.

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