Divorce in America What You Need to Know

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Divorce in the United States is an uncomfortable but not uncommon topic. Sadly, American marriages have a record of ending in divorce. Nearly half of all marriages in this country end in divorce. Everyday, more than 6,500 couples file for divorce. That’s one divorce every 13 seconds. There are a number of cited reasons for divorce — money troubles, employment issues, lack of compatibility, extramarital affairs, etc. — but recent surveys have suggested that a lack of communication is the top reason for divorce. Though most marriages occur relatively early in life (three-quarters of American women are married by age 30), they have an unfortunate tenancy of breaking apart.

When it comes to the actual divorce proceedings, many a divorce settlement terms are unfavorable for one or both parties. Divorce law and procedure are immense and very from state to state. When children are involved, an already trying legal process becomes even more emotional. Child custody disputes can get ugly, depending on how cooperative divorcing couples are. Other issues such as alimony, property and possessions ownership, and even retirement plans and pensions are carefully considered. Needless to say, divorce proceedings are trying for everyone involved.

It is for these reasons why hiring a good divorce lawyer is paramount to securing the best possible divorce settlement terms. These lawyers are specially trained in divorce litigation. They will guide you through the process step-by-step, leaving no detail unnoticed. They also know how to talk and treat their clients during difficult times. It is a modest yet helpful gesture that lawyers use to ease the stigma of the proceedings.

There is no easy way to explain marital problems and solutions. Issues with marriage are seemingly as old as marriage itself. Everyone deserves to be happy, to find and be with the person they love. If a union does not work out, however, it may be better to move on and try again. For this, divorce attorneys get help you during these frustrating, emotional times.

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