Hiring a Billingual Divorce Lawyer

Courts of law exist across the United States for any number of purposes, from bankruptcy to criminal charges to finding settlement money for a car crash. One particularly common use for a court of law is for a legal separation or a divorce between two spouses, and this means that both parties will want a divorce lawyer to represent them to get what they want out of the case. Both parties will negotiate the divorce or the separation for such terms as dividing assets or money, child custody, or even a restraining order, based on the size of the case and whether children are involved. Some cases are more complicated than others, but for some married couples, legal aid for divorce will not entail the same burdensome work as a divorce that involves multiple children or a lot of assets such as several cars or a vacation home. Divorce papers, and their quantity, may also reflect the size of the marriage and how many assets the parents owned. And in some regions of the United States, such as Florida and Texas with a large Latino population, a bilingual divorce lawyer who can work in both English and Spanish will be useful for some households. A low cost divorce can be had if both parties know where to find a proper divorce law firm and find the best attorney for the job, and in some cases, that means recruiting a bilingual divorce lawyer.

Statistics of Divorce

Getting a divorce or a separation is relatively common in the United States, and like many other legal or lifetime actions, it is carefully tracked and studied by statistics. For example, it has been found that after an initial divorce petition is filed and served, there is a zero to six month waiting period before it becomes final for the other spouse. Also, a study carried out by the Journal of Family issues found that the leading cause for divorce is infidelity, with 21.6% of respondents saying that such an act had ended their marriage. Further, around 19.2% of couples said that they divorced due to a lack of compatibility and another 10.6% sought divorce due to alcohol or drug abuse by their partner, as the Journal of Family Issues found. And in cases of child custody, statistics show that such a decision is made without third party involvement in 29% of cases, and in about 5% of custody cases, a custody evaluation is performed before the issue is resolved. Finally, it has been found that two out of three divorces are initiated by women.

Getting a Bilingual Divorce Lawyer

For Spanish-speaking Americans, or or those of another ethnic identity such as Chinese Americans or Indian Americans, it may be helpful to find not just a mediation service for a case of divorce, but a bilingual divorce lawyer who can converse with his or her client and to that person’s spouse, if need be, and explain to them how the law works and what the client’s options are. A bilingual divorce lawyer can also explain thing as they go during a court case to their present client so that the client can keep pace of what is happening if they do not speak or understand English well.

For any hopeful client, finding a divorce lawyer can be essential for getting what that client wants out of a divorce, such as a certain sum of money, a piece of property, or child custody, depending on the scale of the case and how many shared items there were in the marriage. Such a client may also need legal help if the other spouse has been violent or verbally abusive, or if they were threatening violence or abuse drugs or alcohol. A client may also use general lawyer-seeking strategies that many other clients use, which also works for finding a bilingual divorce lawyer. The client can look up local law firms that specialize in divorce or separation, and consult the lawyers there (this may or may not incur a fee) and find an attorney whose skills, experience, and personality are to the client’s liking, and the lawyer will be hired. Together, they can begin working on their case before the next court appearance.

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