Hiring a Lawyer After a Car Crash

The United States’ road system is vast, spanning the country from coast to coast, everything from interstates to country lanes to congested urban roadways. The unfortunate truth, however, is that these roads are not always safe, and when intoxicated, distracted, or very tired drivers are on the roads, the risk of a car crash or hitting pedestrians becomes very high, and even bad weather such as snow or rain can aggravate the odds of disaster even if no driver involved was intoxicated. When a car wreck happens, whether on the interstate or in an urban area, someone may get injured, and that victim will want compensation. A car accident attorney can provide any car accident victim with the legal counsel and guidance needed to navigate litigation (and a court case, if it comes to that), and get the settlement that they need. How can one find the best lawyer and law firms to help them, and what should they look for in a car accident attorney?

Rates of Disaster

Not all drivers on the road are fully fit to be behind the wheel, and every year, various agencies work hard to compile data and statistics on car accidents, injuries, and even fatalities, including when and where these accidents happen. Overall, it has been determined that six million car accidents take place in the United States annually, and from all those accidents in a given year, about three million people will end up injured, and those victims will want compensation with the help of a car accident attorney. Often, the victims of these accidents are not even driving other cars, but instead are pedestrians (usually in urban areas), motorcyclists, and bicyclists.

What causes these wrecks? It has been found that in the United States, distracted driving, drunk driving, and speeding were the three leading causes of car wrecks. Distracted driving is when a motor vehicle operator is paying attention to a handheld electronic device or the car’s dashboard rather than the road, and a drunk driver as a BAC, or a blood alcohol content, above a certain level (which alone is a serious crime, even if no wreck occurs). Speeding simply means that a driver will have less time to react to other cars or pedestrians due to their speed. Heavy rain or snow can lower visibility and make the roads slick, and in this case, accidents are more likely even if no drivers are drunk or distracted.

Find a Car Accident Attorney

After a wreck has taken place, a victim may be injured, and in this case, he or she will want compensation and settlement money from the at-fault party’s insurance company, but undertaking this pursuit alone can be difficult, if not impossible. To start with, the victim is likely in a highly emotional state, unable to think clearly or objectively, but if a car accident attorney is hired, then that professional will have the clear, level-headed perspective needed to study the case and use the law to move it forward on their client’s behalf. And if a victim’s injuries are serious enough so that they are now disabled and they cannot perform paying work in the future, this is a long-reaching financial implication that only a car accident attorney will be able to calculate accurately and factor into the case along with existing medical bills. This can help a client get a lot more settlement money.

In the case itself, an attorney is a vital representative of the client’s interest. Sometimes, the at-fault party’s insurance company may refuse to cooperate and will act in bad faith, and may refuse to give some or even all of the settlement money desired, and this move can stonewall a car accident victim who is acting alone, but an attorney will know how to handle this situation and deal with it, moving the case forward. What is more, in a case, there may be multiple parties involved, and if this happens, assigning blame and distributing settlement money can become too complicated for unrepresented members of the case, so they will need an attorney to guide them and set everything straight. A good lawyer will know how to use the law and their own experience to find a fair solution to the case for everyone.

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