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In Missoula, your chance of becoming a victim of a property crime is one in 22. And that’s not all. An average of 3,641 crimes are committed in Missoula every year. There are violent crimes, sexual assaults, drug related crimes. For people in Missoula, it is important to have someone that fights for your cases. That person is Kirsten Pabst.

Kirsten Pabst is a lawyer who has spent some time fighting against the accused criminals who take advantage of honest people in Missoula. In 2016, as a Missoula county attorney, Kirsten Pabst launched Montana’s first formal Criminal Mediation Program and has gained reputation as someone who represents the victims.

She is a prosecutor who has worked hard to preserve Missoula’s reputation, even going as far as trying to delay the book from Jon Kaukauer, while detailed a rape that occurred in the county, alleging libel against young men and herself. She has gained a reputation as being tough on crime and smart on crime.

Missoula as a county has had sexual assaults, violent crimes, and more.

  • According to FBI reported crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in Missoula is one in 90.
  • Drug offenses account for 18% of arrests made in Missoula County, Montana.
  • Over 60% of violent crimes processed by the Missoula county attorney’s office arise in the context of domestic violence.

Montana has many incidents as well. In 2016, over 800 sexual assaults and 4,000 domestic violence crimes were reported in the state of Montana. There is a need for an attorney who is tough on crime and smart on crime like Kirsten Pabst. For individuals who want to know more about her, it is possible to look up in a search engine the terms:

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When it comes to violent crimes, there are certain crimes that stand out in Missoula. In some cases, there are extreme example of violent crimes, such as rapes, as in the case of the Jon Kaukauer book, which Kirsten Pabst tried to delay through a letter to the publisher, alleging libel and defamation of character.

There are also a great deal of domestic violence incidents. Domestic violence is a situation where a husband and wife or two spouses are engaged in some sort of conflict that results in violence. Sometimes there doesn’t necessarily need to be a conflict, as one of the spouses just hurts the other.

Domestic violence incidents are serious and significant. One of the spouses can land up in jail, costing the family money, plus the damage, physically, emotionally, and mentally to the person who has been a victim to domestic violence. There is also the matter of children who may have witnessed the incident.

Domestic violence can have a lasting impact on a family and the reputation of the individual committing the domestic violence impact in the community. The family may be split as the person who has undergone domestic violence may seek to leave the marriage and serve divorce papers.

The person who has been a victim of domestic violence will often take the children with them, if there are children involved. Many children will be traumatized by seeing such an incident or hearing it, which can result in emotional damage to the children who may be hurt for years afterward.

Drug related crimes are also an issue in Missoula County, as they are in many places in the country. Sometimes a drug issue, generally speaking, is a result of heroin or opiod addiction, which has been promoted by pharmaceutical companies in America. Sometimes it is the result of cocaine or meth or other drugs which cause loss of reality.

These drugs can also cause lack of focus and lack of concentration, as well as loss of decision making ability. This causes individuals to act in a certain way that results in crime and damages to other people in the community and property damage, all of which would be taken up by the attorney offices.

Kirsten Pabst is experienced in handling these issues relating to crime. She is an experienced attorney who has a track record of being tough on crime and smart on crime. She protects and has protected Missoula from damages to its reputation.

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