The Restraining Order Process

Restraining orders are used to prevent victims of abuse from future attacks. This is seen in the form of a legal order that forbids the attacker to go near the victim in any capacity. The process to get a restraining order isn’t too complicated, but it’s important to know the steps in case you ever need one.

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In this article, we are going to talk about the restraining order process.

The process starts when abuse takes place. Abuse can be seen in several forms, and it doesn’t matter which form takes place. The victim may then file the paperwork to get the restraining order. In a lot of cases, a hearing will take place on a temporary restraining order within the day that the paperwork is filed. This is to give the victim immediate safety.

Once the restraining order is in place, a police officer will serve the paperwork to the attacker. If the victim lived with the attacker, the attacker will be required to continue to pay the rent on the home. If children are involved they will be placed in the custody of the victim.

Overall, restraining orders are important protections that are in place to help victims of abuse.


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