Three Important Points You Should Know About Traffic Camera Tickets

Red light camera tickets

Red light camera tickets are becoming increasingly popular, and traffic cameras are now often used to catch drivers who are speeding and who pass through stop signs/red lights. Here are a few important points every driver should know about traffic tickets that are given out using evidence from intersection cameras:

  • There are technically two types of traffic tickets that can be given out using traffic cams: red light violations and speeding traffic tickets. Some states allow cameras to be used for both types of traffic violations, while other states only allow cameras to be used to catch traffic light violations (and still some states prohibit the use of traffic cams altogether).

  • The main argument against these cameras is that they’re more likely to malfunction or be tampered with in order to give out more tickets and increase the revenue brought in through traffic tickets and fines. For catching drivers who are speeding, traffic cameras have often produced inaccurate readings of cars’ speeds, and for both types of tickets, the camera rarely captures a clear picture of the actual driver (making it difficult to prove that that person was driving the vehicle).

  • It’s possible to fight a traffic ticket that was given out with the help of a traffic camera, although most people simply choose to accept the ticket and the fine just because it’s such a small offense that it’s not worth a trip to County Court. Additionally, fighting camera traffic tickets can be difficult because the driver has to find proof that he/she wasn’t driving at the time or that the camera mostly likely malfunctioned.

Laws regarding intersection cameras and traffic tickets are changing all the time, and they differ quite a bit from state to state. It’s important to make sure that you’re completely familiar with the laws in place, where ever you are, before you get behind the wheel!

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