Three of the Most Common Kinds of Work Related Injuries

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People can get hurt at work no matter what industry they work. While certain career fields, like construction, are more more dangerous, it’s more than possible for office employees to get hurt at work as well. This is especially true when you consider the fact that the most common ways to get hurt at work can occur anywhere.

Don’t believe it? Here are a some of the most common ways that people get hurt at work everyday.

Slip and Fall.

You might have realized that the most obvious a person can get hurt at work is to slip and fall, but did you know that this kind of accident falls into either one of two categories: fall on the same level or fall to lower level. The former involves falling without any elevation, like on a slippery hallway. The latter involves falling from an elevated surface, like on a ladder or stairway.

Repetitive Motion.

Over the course of months or years of taking care of a job’s daily responsibilities, it’s possible for a person’s muscles and tendons to wear down, causing such problems as back injuries or carpal tunnel. These kinds of work-related injuries are very common in offices, where employees have to hunch over computers all day, which could hurt their backs and wrists.


Some jobs are more physically demanding than others, which will naturally create situations where work-related injuries are a distinct and likely possibility. It’s very easy to overdo it while lifting, carrying, holding, or pushing heavy objects.

Getting hurt at work is serious. If you’re suffering from one of these work-related injuries, it’d be well worth your while to speak with workers compensation attorneys about your case, as you could get coverage for all of your medical expenses. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments . More like this blog.

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