Three Reasons You Might Need To Hire An Attorney

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Do you know who you would call if you find yourself needing an attorney? If you think about it, needing an attorney is not something you can plan for, and some of the most common reasons like workers comp, bankruptcy, and divorce can sometimes come out of nowhere. You may not need a divorce lawyer or bankruptcy attorney on retainer at all times, but it is at least good to know where you’d turn if one of those things came up. Below are a few basics about how attorneys can help with three common need: workers comp, bankruptcy, and divorce.

1. Workers Comp – Workers comp attorneys are incredibly helpful when you are injured on the job while doing something that your job requires you to do. Nearly 90 percent of all workers comp claims are due to employees slipping on slick floors in their workplace which lead to various injuries from broken bones to brain bleeds. Attorneys are necessary when filing a workers comp claim because although 74 percent of states require their businesses to offer workers compensation, it is not always easy to navigate, especially if you are recovering from an injury.

2. Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy law is complex, but if used correctly it can give people struggling with debt a fresh financial start. Using an attorney to file bankruptcy is not required by law, but studies show that Chapter 7 personal bankruptcies filed with an attorney succeed nearly 100 percent of the time. If you are in an amount of debt that you do not know how you can get out of in a year or so, bankruptcy could be a great option for your and your family. Chat with a bankruptcy attorney in your area about what the process would look like for you.

3. Divorce – Divorce is extremely common, and not unlike bankruptcy, can be extremely complex. Not only do you have to consider the specific divorce laws of your state, but if you and your spouse have children, own property, or have co-mingled finances, you will need an attorney to fight for your rights over those things. Make sure you find a divorce attorney who you feel comfortable with as you will most likely be spending quite a bit of time together.

There are dozens of reasons you may end up needing an attorney in your life, and the events above are just a few examples. The good thing to remember is that if you think you might need an attorney, it doesn’t hurt to ask. The last thing you want is to assume that you do not need to call a lawyer, only to find out when it is too late that you had the ability to file a claim.

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