What is family law

This video is about Family Law courses at Maryland Carey Law. The person in this video goes into detail about what Family Law is.

Family law is more involved than what one might first expect. The field of family law is very diverse. On any given day, as a family law attorney, you might be working on adoption or divorce. You can be assigned a case with child custody, juvenile justice, or gender violence.

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Family law is also international law practice, you could find yourself working in a local court or in a federal district court. You might also be working on a family mediation case for a divorce.

Family law also involves drawing up contracts. Contracts such as premarital and prenuptial agreements. It also involves a lot of domestic violence and gender violence cases.

This type of law is a very fascinating form of law. Dealing with real people and their issues is always something of great interest. Becoming a lawyer working in family law is definitely not going to be boring.

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