What judges consider at a bail hearing

During a bail hearing, what are the judges in California looking at? This video is all you want to know about a bail bond agent.

Becoming involved in the California criminal justice system after being arrested for a crime may be terrifying. Even so, we’re here to assist. Having served as both officers and prosecutors in the past, we know how bail hearings function and how to utilize them to your advantage.

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One example is requesting that the court lower or remove your bail. Inexperienced criminal defense lawyers sometimes underestimate the value of this strategy.

Bail is a sum of money that you must pay to the court in order to ensure that you appear in court as scheduled. Bail may be posted in one of two ways: with cash payment in full or, more usually, with the help of a bail bond company.

A bail bondsman may help you get a bail bond agent. To secure your release, bail bondsmen agree to deposit the entire bail sum in return for a maximum 10% fee. This ten percent is non-transferable and non-refundable.

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