What To Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Being a defendant can be quite an ordeal facing charges, and having an attorney to your defense can be a good thing. Here are some things your criminal defense attorney should be doing for you with the case.

1. Investigate the charges against you. IF you already have a federal criminal defense lawyer, then most like, the charges are already filed against you. When a prosecutor or a police officer files a complaint, your attorney should investigate all the charges and find any flaws in the document.

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2. Analyze the evidence against you. The prosecutor is required by the law to provide your federal criminal defense lawyer with all the necessary pieces of evidence, even though some of it may work against a prosecutor’s favor. Your attorney will analyze the videos or images in conjunction with the law you were charged for. To better understand the complaint against you, your attorney must look into the reports and pieces of evidence combined with the law.

3. Defend your right. Your federal criminal defense lawyer should know your rights and which ones are violated. Some of the rights you have are the right to be free from searches and seizures and the right to remain silent. If a right is violated, then your attorney should make the necessary move by filing a motion to get all the pieces of evidence and have the case thrown out.

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