When a Negligent Driver Causes You Serious Injuries

Motorcycle defects

From car accidents to product liability, to workplace injuries, we are there for you and your personal injury case. Today we take a closer look at personal injury cases involving a car accident due to a negligent driver, which are cases that are seen on our roadways every day in the U.S. In fact, the likelihood of being involved in a car accident is quite high. Nearly 1.3 million people die on our roadways each year across the world due to car accidents. Another 2.35 million are left injured or disabled. What if a negligent driver was at fault for the terrible accident that left you disabled or a loved one dead?

What Makes Another Driver Negligent?

There are many ways that negligence can play an important role and be proven in a car accident case. One improper mistake on the roadways can lead to extremely serious injuries, from brain injuries, to fractures, to so much more. One of the most common reasons why these accidents happen is due to distracted driving. Distracted driving rates are quite high over the past few years, claiming over 3,000 lives alone in 2015. Surveys have also shown that nearly 660,000 drivers use cell phones while they are driving during daylight hours. This happens due to the negligence of vehicle drivers, truck drivers, motorcycle riders, and more. When a driver is distracted, it takes their eyes from the road, where they could hit somebody from behind or T-bone another vehicle without even a second look. Furthermore, there are other types of distractions than talking on the cell phone, from dialing the radio, to talking with passengers and allowing yourself to become distracted, to putting on makeup when you’re on the run to work.

How Motorcycle Accidents Produce Severe Injuries

When a driver is distracted and does not pay attention to other motorcycle riders on the road, this is where disaster strikes. Passenger vehicles are much larger than motorcycles and can cause serious damage to a rider when full attention is not given. In fact, in 2014, research showed that motorcyclist deaths were caused 27 times more frequently than deaths from other vehicle accidents. A negligent driver could very easily take the life of another through these accidents, which happen when drivers are not paying attention to motorcycle riders on the road, such as ones merging and so forth.

Reckless driving, negligence through speeding, distracted driving and more, can lead to a serious accident. If you have sustained a personal injury, it is time to speak with an attorney about your case and how you can receive compensation from a party who caused your accident.

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