Why You Should Never Forego a Criminal Law Attorney

If you have been charged with any crime, you need a criminal law attorney to defend you in court. If you ask people to name something they see in every courtroom that they remember, the most popular answer is the defendant being escorted out in handcuffs on their way to jail. The fact is outcomes don’t always go the way you planned when you don’t have an attorney on your side.

An attorney that focuses their practice on criminal law defense has the skill set to negotiate on your behalf, protect your rights, and give you information about the pros and cons of open plea deals. There are a lot of working parts to any defense case. An attorney knows how to navigate all the legal parts. For example, do you know if you have been categorized as one level higher than persons of interest? An attorney will have the answers you don’t.

The best thing to hear following a legal hearing is freedom. You certainly don’t want to hear that you’re remanded to jail for any amount of time. Don’t try to fight on your own. Fighting the legal system without the help of an attorney is a risk no one should take.


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