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The Statistics You Need to Know About Injuries

Elderly abuse in nursing homes
Accidents happen all the time, they’re a daily occurrence for most of us. But serious accidents, such as car accidents, are also incredibly common. You may unexpectedly need hit and run attorney services or a personal injury lawyer. Filing something such as a car accident injury claim can be terrifying if you have no knowledge of accidents or the subsequent actions. Take a look at some statistics to brush up on the basics!
  • Ages 15-24 and ages 45 and up have the highest rates of bicycle deaths, and males are more likely to be killed or injured than females.

  • Almost half of bicyclist deaths occur between 4 p.m. and midnight, in urban, non-intersection l
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    3 Surprising Questions and Answers About Personal Injury Lawyers

    What do you do after a car accident
    Personal injury law is often misunderstood, and many people think of lawyers who deal with accident cases as only out to make a quick buck. However, this isn’t true at all: these attorneys are necessary to bring justice to individuals who have been hurt due to the negligence of others. Personal injury lawyers are responsible for arbitration with insurance companies to get settlements to pay for medical bills or other services that victims need.
    The following questions are often asked about personal injury lawyers, but not everyone knows the answers.
    What is a personal injury attorney?
    A personal injury attorney is a lawyer who handles cases r

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    How to Find an Attorney Discretely

    Spousal support
    In some situations, you may find that you need to find an attorney, but are unable to do so actively, which makes the need for help all the greater. Although you may feel trapped right now, there are ways to find an attorney discretely. Here are just a few.
    Use Your Internet Browser’s Incognito Mode.
    The Internet provides a fast, simple way to find an attorney. If your partner checks your Internet history, and you’re worried what might happen if they find out you were trying to find an attorney, you may be more wary to use it to get help. Luckily, most Internet browsers come with a private or “incognito” mode that won’t keep the pages you view in the history, cookie store, or search history after you’ve closed out. To go into this mode, simple go to file, and click on New Private

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