How to Find an Attorney Discretely

Spousal support

In some situations, you may find that you need to find an attorney, but are unable to do so actively, which makes the need for help all the greater. Although you may feel trapped right now, there are ways to find an attorney discretely. Here are just a few.

Use Your Internet Browser’s Incognito Mode.

The Internet provides a fast, simple way to find an attorney. If your partner checks your Internet history, and you’re worried what might happen if they find out you were trying to find an attorney, you may be more wary to use it to get help. Luckily, most Internet browsers come with a private or “incognito” mode that won’t keep the pages you view in the history, cookie store, or search history after you’ve closed out. To go into this mode, simple go to file, and click on New Private or Incognito Window. Once you’ve found a number to call, memorize it.

Contact Your Potential Attorney Discretely.

Just as a partner may be checking your Internet history, they may also be checking the home phone’s record, or your cellphone’s call history. If you suspect that this is going on, then you’re going to need to find a way to call discretely. You can call collect, or use a prepaid phone card to do this. If this isn’t possible, you should contact the attorney via a corded phone, as these are harder to tap.

Be Ready to Leave.

Once you’ve got help, get ready to leave a t a moment’s notice. Keep your car fueled, and backed into the driveway. Leave your driver’s side door unlocked, and hide a spare key where it can be gotten quickly. Keep a bag with emergency cash, clothing, and important documents stowed away in a safe place, such as the spare tire well, or a friend’s house.

In order to find an attorney, use a private window. Once you’ve found help, contact them discretely, and be ready to leave. If these tips aren’t helpful, and you still need a way of finding a domestic violence attorney, finding a child custody attorney, or finding a divorce lawyer, feel free to share in the comments. If you know of another, easier way to find an attorney discretely, feel free to share as well in the comments.

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