24-Hour Bail Bond Service in Hartford, CT

In this video by the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group, you will learn the simple process of securing bail for yourself or a loved one.

First, how is bail determined? The amount of bail you owe will depend on your criminal history, any threat or perceived threat you pose to the general public, and your possible flight risk.

Whatever that amount may be, the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is here to help you. Contact them any time of day or night and take full advantage of their 24 hour bondsman service. Their staff members are always on call and they accept all forms of payment.

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Meet with a 24 hour bondsman in the office, at the jail, courthouse, or prison, or even in the comfort of your own home.

When you meet with a representative from Connecticut Bail Bonds Group, bring the full name of the person who needs bail, their date of birth, the bail amount, and the name of the jail, courthouse, or prison where they are being held. Details pertaining to the crime they are accused of will help expedite the process.

According to GQ, as many as 460,000 innocent people remained detained thanks to outrageous bail amounts. Don’t let exorbitant bail amounts keep you or your loved one in jail unnecessarily. .

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