3 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

When do i need a construction attorney

Purchasing commercial real estate is the main way many businesses grow. Unfortunately, certain property owners find that they’ve been swindled by a bad real estate purchase. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when purchasing multiple pieces of commercial real estate. You’ll want to find out why many business owners are choosing to work with a commercial real estate lawyer. Here are three reasons to find a lawyer for business owners that specializes in real estate matters.

  1. Second Set of Eyes Before Signing a Document

    One important aspect of commercial real estate law deals with signing contracts. No one wants to find out they’ve signed a contract without fully understanding it. Someone who practices in the field of commercial real estate law will help ensure you don’t get swindled by a contract that doesn’t work in your favor. If you’re involved in a breach of contract situation, it’s imperative to act in a timely manner. Texas residents find that they typical timeframe for filing a breach of contract claim is four years.
  2. Helpful in Resolving Building Improvement Matters

    It’s understandable that certain business contracts need to be adjusted. Many commercial real estate contracts allow for improvements to be made on a property. There are situations where a tenant and build owner don’t have the same definition of what increases property value. A commercial real estate attorney can help go over terms of a contract regarding property improvements. It’s beneficial to understand the exact terms of a contract, especially when it comes to making improvements to a property.
  3. Valuable Business Partner for Property Owners

    Unfortunately, situations occur in the world of business where a disagreement occurs. It’s best to have someone who knows about commercial real estate law in your corner, especially if your business regularly purchases properties. Statistics from 2005 found that plaintiffs win bench trials in civil matters 68% of the time. Many business owners know it’s valuable to have a lawyer on their side, especially if a case ends up going to court.

In summary, there are several reasons to hire a commercial real estate lawyer. It’s imperative to have a business litigation attorney to help you with various real estate matters. An essential part of completing a real estate transaction is signing a contract. Commercial real estate attorneys can look over a contract to ensure you don’t sign something unfavorable. Many disagreements can occur between a building owner and tenant regarding improvements. A lawyer will help ensure both parties can find agreeable terms while working with each other. Many business owners prefer to have a real estate lawyer by their side for protection in commercial litigation matters throughout time.

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