5 Facts to Know About Domestic Violence Cases

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Issues of domestic violence have been brought to the fore this week with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s new domestic violence policy and the arrest of 49ers defensive lineman Ray McDonald. But even aside from this recently increased coverage, the numbers are staggering: 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence sometime during their life, and an estimated 95% of domestic violence victims are female. If you or someone you know has experienced abuse, these are a few things you should know:

Choosing the Right Attorney Matters
Make sure your attorney will be transparent, sharing all information and strategies, and communicates with you regularly. If you are consulting a lawyer for domestic violence, make sure to bring any documentation you have regarding the incident or incidents.
Penalties May Differ
You might be wondering, what is the sentence for domestic violence? Domestic violence may actually include one or several of many different charges that carry various penalties. An attorney can help you figure out what specific complaints you have.
Civil Court Is An Option
A person can’t be tried twice for the same crime in a criminal court (this defense is called double jeopardy). But a case can be tried in a civil court even if it has been tried in criminal court.
Compensation is Possible
Filing a domestic violence lawsuit isn’t only about justice or punishing the abuser (though monetary punitive damages may also be imposed). Depending on the details of the case, a successful plaintiff can receive money to pay medical expenses or compensate for lost wages.
Help Is Available
If you have experienced abuse and feel isolated, there is help available for you. You may even be wondering, just what is the definition of domestic violence, or what is considered domestic violence? If you feel unsafe but are not yet comfortable going to an lawyer for domestic violence, reach out to organizations and charities dedicated to helping you. Even if your case is successful, they can provide you with ongoing emotional support. But don’t rely on the Internet (not even this article). Statutes may differ from place to place; if you’re in Las Vegas, for example, you need a Las Vegas domestic violence attorney. When you’re ready, find someone near you who can help with your case.
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