5 Questions to Ask When Looking for an Aviation Lawyer

Choosing an attorney

No matter the case, choosing an attorney is a difficult and sometimes frustrating process. However, the stakes are raised even higher when you’re looking for an aviation lawyer for pilots to rely on.

Though the search process is generally the same, there are certain things you should be looking for in an air accident attorney that you may not find in another field of law. To aid in your search, here are five questions you should be asking you potential legal representation.

Do you have experience in similar cases?

Even if a lawyer claims that they represent your type of case, ti doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a wealth of experience representing cases like yours. In order for you to receive the most effective legal representation and counsel, your attorney should have adequate experience and knowledge of cases like the one you need represented.

What is your background?

the best lawyers will have a strong background that relates to the issue at hand. the more experience they have in the particular field you need representation in, the better. A pilot’s license is a great addition, but the inquiry doesn’t have to stop there. A lawyer with a diverse background relating to your case is definitely an asset.

Will I work with you directly or will a staff member handle my case?

Before proceeding with any kind of payment, you should confirm that you will be working with the aviation lawyer for pilots alone, and not with another member of their staff. Many law firms will pass your case on to another staff member, but in particularly high-stakes cases you should have yours handled by the attorney you’re working with.

Have you taught courses in aviation law?

If a lawyer has taught courses on the specific subject or had work published, it demonstrates a deep and working understanding of aviation law. This is essential to any aviation case, and can even serve to further your knowledge on the subject.

What is your plan for my case?

Each case has a distinct set of facts, evidence, and circumstances surrounding it. Once an attorney has hear your case, they should be able to provide you with a detailed plan as to how they’re going to tackle it.

Aviation law can be tricky, but an experienced and dedicated aviation lawyer should be able to help, provided they can provide quality answers to these questions.

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