Doctors Working Long Hours Say Medical Malpractice is More Common Than People Realize

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Although the rate of injury among Americans has remained constant for the last 15 years, experts report a marked rise in the rate that prescription painkillers are prescribed — some would say over-prescribed — by doctors, resulting in an increase in overdoses and accidental deaths.

Surprisingly, about half of the deaths from drug overdoses are not due to illegal drugs but rather to strong pharmaceuticals that are frequently abused by patients. Across America, more than 200,000 people die every year from medical mistakes. Over-prescription, hospital or doctor mistakes, and even failure to accurately diagnose disease and injury leads many Americans to seek an attorney for medical malpractice.

In a random review of medical malpractice lawsuits, experts found that more than half were due to a doctor’s or nurse’s error. Many nurses and doctors report that long shifts and lack of support staff can lead to errors in administering medication; although most hospitals use computers to keep track of patient medication, errors can occur more often than patients may realize.

An attorney for medical malpractice should be able to advise their clients as to the proper course of action when filing a malpractice lawsuit. Submitting the proper paperwork, interacting with hospitals and insurance companies, and working for the best outcome for the client are all standard services from top law firms. Clients may be referred by friends, family, or co-workers and are advised to look for a firm that will meet their needs.

A medical malpractice lawyer is an attorney at law who specializes in cases involving medical injury or hospital error. They should be able to guide clients who need to prove their cases, helping them obtain proper documentation of their injuries. Many will negotiate fees with potential clients, and should be able to represent clients with a range of injuries.

The best law firms will not take a case they cannot skillfully represent; clients should consult with lawyers and make an informed decision. If a potential client is having difficulty finding a lawyer for medical malpractice, they may consult with a lawyer they are familiar with and obtain a referral directly.

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