Even More Wacky Lawsuits to Tickle Your Funnybone

Bicycle head injuries

You’d better call your accident and injury lawyers, because you might accidentally get injured while laughing at all of these ridiculous lawsuits! Check out all of these totally justifiable cases, and see how they match up to your definition of personal injury lawsuits.

I can’t believe I did that to me! – A Virginia man once sued himself for $5 million, claiming he’d violated his own civil and religious rights. How? He “let himself” get drunk, and while drunk, earned himself a 23 year sentence for grand larceny and breaking and entering. I don’t really get it either.

Give me my money back! – After visiting Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights haunted house, a woman tried to sue the theme park for $15,000. She claimed that she suffered extreme fear and mental anguish, because the haunted house was “too scary.” Did anyone tell her what that meant before she entered? Sounds like she needs a brain injury settlement, if you ask me.

Too many factors at play – When watching an episode of “Fear Factor,” a man witnessed a contestant eating a rat, and it made him light-headed. He threw up and ran into a doorway, which inspired him to sue NBC for $2.5 million for the mental anguish seeing the gross-out show had caused him. Any personal injury lawyer could have told him that his injuries were surely a personal matter.

Dude, where’s my girlfriend? – A man sued the makers of Budweiser, claiming that they used misleading advertising for their product. He was disappointed that, unlike in the television ads, women didn’t just appear out of nowhere to fawn over him and his beverage. He attempted to sue for over $100,000, and was obviously unsuccessful.

It’s me or the dog! – Talk about car accident injury claims. After hitting and killing a family’s dog in a road rage incident, the killer in question decided to sue the family for claims of PTSD and mental anguish- from jail! Someone should really get that man a tissue, because he’s clearly got some issues.

Don’t let these silly cases make your case feel frivolous! Contact your local accident and injury lawyers today if you need legal assistance.

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