File a Personal Injury Claim if You’ve Suffered a Slip and Fall

There are many types of personal injury to keep in mind. Personal injury is not necessarily physical; it can also be emotional. For example, if someone slanders another person, this can be considered a type of personal injury. Also, if a person gets injured while he or she is out and about anywhere, this can often constitute a personal injury as well. A lot of the time, an injury that results from an auto accident can be considered to be a personal injury. If you are confused about what exactly constitutes a personal injury, you might want to talk to an attorney who specializes in this area.

In some cases, you may qualify for a personal injury settlement offer without even knowing it, according to personal injury tort law where you live. Sometimes, you will have to go through a personal injury trial in order to get what you are entitled to. However, in any case, a personal liability attorney can help you get the justice that you truly deserve after you have been unfairly injured in some way. You have a much better chance of getting this justice working with an attorney than you do if you try to represent yourself.

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Personal injury claims are not just for work related or car accident injuries. Slipping and falling might also call for a personal injury claim, and if you or a loved one has suffered from one you should hire a personal injury lawyer to find out what can be done to help you get what you deserve.
A slip and fall can happen to almost anyone especially during the winter months. Maybe you live in an apartment complex with a particularly lazy maintenance crew and the ice and snow made a miniature skating rink out of the parking lot. All it takes is one misplaced step for your feet to slide out from under you for you to be injured. If you do hire an accident injury lawyer and plan to make a personal injury claim, you should know that in cases like these you must prove that the property was unsafe due to owner negligence.

Of course winter weather poses slip and fall risks for everyone, but one group of people that slip and fall incidents commonly happen to are the elderly. In one year, the majority of personal injuries due to falls in Canada happened to adults aged 65 and older. If you, your parent, or other elderly family member has suffered from a slip and fall injury, you might be able to make a personal injury claim.

Most personal injury cases are settled before the trial even happens or outside of court — about 95% of them. You should find a personal injury lawyer to help you file a personal injury claim because it is one of the best things you can do if you or a loved one has suffered a slip and fall but are not at fault.
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