Four Tips for Safe NYE Driving


New Year?s Eve is one of the most common times for drinking and driving. Partygoers do not consider alternative driving options and underestimate their blood alcohol content level. There is also an increase of police patrol on NYE to monitor the roads and to look for drunk drivers. This NYE, make sure you are prepared for safe transportation with these tips.

Avoid driving at all
Even if you are careful about the amount you drink before getting behind the wheel, there are other dangerous drivers on the road. If possible, avoid driving at all on NYE. Attend a house party and spend the night with a friend. If you are going out, arrange accommodations at a local hotel for the night. If you must return home for the evening, make sure you have the number for a local cab or driver. Each day, people drive drunk almost 300,000 times, but fewer than 4,000 are arrested. These numbers are even higher during NYE celebrations.

Assign a designated driver
It can also be helpful to assign a designated driver. This person is responsible for getting everyone home and is expected to avoid alcohol consumption at all. This could be a person that is unable to drink for medical or pregnancy reasons. It could also be someone in your friend group that it is their turn to be the designated driver. Just make sure you trust your DD and that they will avoid alcohol consumption. Always have a backup plan, just in case.

Walk, when possible
If you live nearby your intended NYE destination, consider walking. If you do not live near it, consider renting a room for the night and then walking. Alcohol tends to increase your body temperature, so even if it is cold outside, you are likely to feel comfortable. Make sure you are always walking with a friend or group of people. Never put yourself in danger when walking or driving the roads. It will be dark when you leave your celebrations, so always be prepared.

Be prepared for an auto accident
Most states have a minimum BAC that is legal. If you are sure that you are under this limit and decide to operate a vehicle and an auto accident occurs, you might still need a DUI attorney. Car accidents bring up a lot of questions, especially on NYE. It is possible that the officer will give you a BAC test, even if you haven?t been drinking at all. It is their job to rule out drinking and driving. Finding a DUI lawyer on NYE can be very difficult. However, finding a DUI lawyer before NYE ensures that you are prepared for any situation.

Many DUI attorneys offer overnight services to their clients, even on NYE. Some will offer free rides to prevent drinking and driving charges. Finding a DUI lawyer ahead of time allows you to input their contact information into your phone and if a situation occurs, you can easily get ahold of them. Approximately 3 million people are injured every year in car accidents on U.S. roads. Many of these people, both the victim and the at fault party, will require an attorney. Make sure you are prepared.

Approximately 52% of personal injury cases relate to motor vehicle accidents. Another large percentage of these cases are caused by drinking and driving. This New Year?s Eve, avoid any DUI charges by being prepared. Arrange for alternative driving plans, book a hotel room for the night, and find a DUI attorney ahead of time, just in case. Finding a DUI lawyer ensures that you are legally protected, regardless of any situation.

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