Four Ways the Fashion Police Can Actually Arrest or Fine You

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People often joke that if you make a faux pas like failing to match your jacket with your pants, the fashion police will come to arrest you, but — believe it or not — you can really get arrested for that. Carmel, New York has a legal statute requiring a men to match their jackets with their trousers when going outside.

What’s even stranger is that that’s not the only bizarre fashion law out there! Here are just a few more fashion laws you’d be wise to follow that were dug up in recent law research.

No, You Cannot Throw Knives at a Guy in a Striped Shirt.

Just because carnival performers throw knives at each other doesn’t mean you’re allowed to take a stab at it, especially in Natoma, Kansas. The tiny city has a legal statute expressly forbidding its denizens from flinging sharp projectiles at anyone who may be wearing a striped shirt.

No, You Cannot Sing While Wearing a Bikini.

In Sarasota, Florida, people are allowed to go out wearing bathing suits, and they’re allowed to sing. However, if they try to do each at the same time — and sing while wearing a bathing suit — they’re breaking the law. Chances are the legal statute is meant to ensure that performers dress what the city considers appropriately, but then again, why does it matter if bathing suits are legal anyways?

No, You Cannot Get Naked in Vermont…

… but you can go outside naked. The Green Mountain State has no law against public nudity, but it does have a legal statute forbidding people from disrobing in public. However, chances are no one is going to be doing that considering the winter New England is having.

Strangest of all is that these legal statutes are just a taste of the weirdness that’s out there. If your own legislative history research ever turned up similar laws that are seemingly without any legislative intent, feel free to share them in the comments. More information like this.

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