Four Ways You May Be at Risk for a Divorce

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It?s not a thing one wants to think about in the throes of planning a wedding, perhaps, but divorce is a very real part of American life. With the current U.S. divorce rate sitting at about 50%, it can be wise to know what is an uncontested divorce, the facts surrounding marital disintegration, and how to find a good divorce attorney that can answer your questions and see to it the process is as painless as possible. The following lists five of the most central facts to modern divorce, hopefully shedding some light on what increases the chances of it happening.

1. Domestic Issues Play a Role
The house and home are a central motif of most marriages, but domesticity can also play a part in making those unions dissolve. A Norwegian study from August 2012 found that couples who share in household tasks are twice as likely to divorce as those in which the wife has sole responsibility. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also found that living together before marriage has no bearing on whether or not there will be an eventual uncontested divorce.

2. Age Can Be a Factor
The mean age of a woman going through her first divorce process is 29, while that of a male is about 30.5. However, according to a study by Bowling Green State University, the divorce rates of couples over 50 have doubled in the past 20 years. This could mean marrying younger doesn?t have much of a bearing after all- or, perhaps, that older couples feel less hesitant these days about signing divorce papers.

3. Having Children Can Affect the Odds

Pursing an uncontested divorce with children is always a concern, particularly in concern to the effect the split will have. Even so, every year in the U.S. about a million children with parents who divorce. Unfortunately, children of divorced parents are twice as likely to drop out of high school and less likely to pursue a college degree. This can be why finding the best child custody lawyer is essential to pursing an uncontested divorce.

4. It Can Be a Matter of Time

The likelihood of divorce increases with the amount of times it happens. In the U.S., The divorce rate for a first marriage is 41%, for the second is 60% and for the third the chances go up to 73%. As such, getting remarried does not protect from the risk of a future divorce.

No matter what the cause or reason of pursuing an uncontested divorce, it is always important to engage the talents of a good divorce lawyer to assist in a smooth process.

A good number of the population that’s served divorce papers say that they were blindsided by the event. This may be the case for a few of them who may have thought that their marriage was in solid shape, only for them to discover a serious issue that can’t be managed in any other way. It’s at times like these that a divorce lawyer can come in handy, helping the party figure out the situation and map out a way forward. Among other questions you may have in this case are “Can I disagree with divorce?” or even “How do I know if my spouse filed for divorce?”

If you can go ahead with the process in an informed manner, you can improve your odds of getting a reasonable outcome in the end. Working with a professional should help you learn things such as that there aren’t any winners in a divorce, especially if there are children in the picture. They could talk to you about things that you may never have thought about, such as divorce after four months of marriage. You could additionally do some research on the process of divorce by learning from professionals, and asking them questions like “Is there an accurate divorce chances calculator?”

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